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29 January 2007 @ 07:55 pm
Icontests entries for the past few months  
I've decided to update this journal once a month with an icon post, and again with the icons I've posted in contests for that month. I'll be updating anytime with wallpapers and entries for things like 10variations.

01. entered at martha_stills.
02. entered and won second place at dw_stillness.
03. entered and won mod's choice at lotrstillness.
04. entered and won first place at barrowman_chllg.
05. entered at lotrstillness.
06. entered... not sure where... XD
07. entered and won third place at austen_stills.
08. entered at austen_stills.
09. entered at lotrstillness.
10. entered at lotrstillness.
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